Nusa Blog is a blog reviewing all about References Traveling, but sometimes we discuss something that has nothing to do with Traveling.

Nusa Blog is a personal blog owned by blogger from Cilacap, Endy Pamungkas.

Previously we thought to call this blog as "Nusantara Blogging" but it seems this name is too long for a blog title. In the end we summarize to Nusa Blog (nusablog.com)

Established Nusa Blog;
On May 30, 2018 Nusa Blog was developed by Endy Pamungkas, and at that time we posted our first article.

This page (About) was created and updated the first time on the establishment of Nusa Blog. We realize that something about the purpose or the establishment of Nusa Blog is very important to be known by the readers.

We will add or update more about us on this page.

Last updated on June 1, 2018.
Endy Pamungkas